Artist Statement

Screaming Girl Designs is Australian one-off, artisan ceramic jewellery pieces, individually crafted and lovingly painted by hand. Unique, wearable art created by local Mildura artist/designer, Jennifer Gadsden.

Each piece has been hand-crafted in clay. Once the clay has dried, each piece is then fired to bisque temperature (approx. 900-1000°C). The next part of the process involves hand-painting designs on the jewellery pieces, then applying a clear glaze prior to the final part of the process, which involves pieces being fired to stoneware temperatures (approx. 1280°C). Shrinkage occurs and colours can change significantly during the firing process. The unpredictable nature of the firing process continues to fascinate me as an artist, and reinforces the uniqueness of each piece created.

Screaming Girl Designs exhibits at local boutique markets within the wider Mildura region, as well as participating in other local charity events. Studio visits by appointment only.

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