Artist Statement

I have been a passionate photographer and lover of animals, the great outdoors and nature for as long as I can remember.

My photographic interests and passions are many and varied. However my greatest passion would have to be for pets, particularly dogs. My life has revolved around dogs and I believe that I have a strong affinity with them. Since my childhood they have always been a member of my family and my constant companion/s. I have worked with dogs in the show-ring, obedience trials, agility and was an obedience instructor in Mildura for many years and believe that I have a good understanding and knowledge of their behaviour.

I have also been a photographer for SARG (Sunraysia Animal Re-housing Group located in Mildura) at their charity events over several years. SARG’s mission is to find homes for unwanted dogs and cats from the Sunraysia area.

I have a preference for using natural light as much as possible and prefer to photograph on location in the early morning or late evening during the golden hour. For me, photography is a challenge and an education and I like to think that I am capturing the past, and the present, for the future. I enjoy photography immensely and if you think I may be able to help you by photographing your pet, please contact me.

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