Artist Statement

My favoured hand woven technique is double/triple weave. In this technique several layers of fabric are woven simultaneously, there may be single layers, joined layers, double/triple width cloth, pockets or pleats and so on.

Neatly intersecting or separate layers, cylindrical or double-width fabrics are options that can vary design, desirability and product use.

Through created pockets; objects d’art can be captured and displayed, and padding can be incorporated for practical or decorative effects. Both give a tantalising 3D effect.

Using fibres that behave differently adds another dimension, with planned or unplanned responses to finishing methods being equally intriguing.

Combining shrinking and non-shrinking fibres creates fabrics that can be manipulated into shapes to fit many, or no, purposes. What fun!

It is time consuming to design, plan and prepare, and even more so to weave.

My inspirations come from nature and natural items. I use natural fibres in my weaving work. If synthethic fibres are required, then I minimise their use.

As a textile artist, I create through combining fibres and colours. Using hand weaving looms as my tools, double weave provides me with adaptability and functionality to satisfy my desire for design, fun and creativity.

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