Artist Statement

About me: I am an ‘untrained’ artist who has attended one art school in Perth, Western Australia when I was 18 years old. However, I couldn’t afford the funds required for art materials and so I dropped out after only about six weeks,  much to the sadness of my teachers and myself.

I have always enjoyed practicing art across all mediums.

My focus has largely been associated with the portrait or the human condition. However I enjoy the challenge of landscape and still life painting and drawing. I also embrace using clay to make sculptures. This is such a tactile media and difficult to master! Perhaps that’s why I love it.

Anyway, everything about art is exciting for me and I love experiencing the art of others too.

I have lived in most States in Australia and have much life experience.

I feel at one with the Australian landscape and look forward to finding my way back into the Mildura community, my childhood town of locality.

Fiona Curtis

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